What is life coaching? Life coaching is a supportive partnership that explores what is getting in the way. What is getting in the way of living your best life, of being your best self? Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process to maximize personal and professional potential. Coaching is about all of the possibilities, about distinguishing what your true commitments and values are and designing actions that are in line with them to create real lasting change. In short, it is about making dreams come true. 

 Coaching is NOT therapy. It does not focus on the past but uses the past as a tool for moving forward. It is not about giving advice or telling someone what to do or how to live, but rather exploring the endless possibilities available to us. It creates a safe space to be curious about what is holding us back in order to move forward into a full, happy, prosperous life.

Some areas where holistic life coaching may be of service are:

~ Job Transition

~ Relationships

~ Wellbeing and Body Image

~ Spirituality

~Goal Setting and Empowerment


OR all of the above! 

If you are ready to take the journey of a lifetime, a journey into yourself to find your true authentic self, your essence, I would be honored and thrilled to support you in that!  

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