What is life coaching? Life coaching is a supportive partnership that explores what is getting in the way. What is getting in the way of living your best life, of being your best self? Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process to maximize personal and professional potential. Coaching is about all of the possibilities, about distinguishing what your true commitments and values are and designing actions that are in line with them to create real lasting change. In short, it is about making the dream the reality. 

 Coaching is not therapy. It does not focus on the past but uses the past as a tool for moving forward. It is not about giving advice or telling someone what to do or how to live, but rather exploring the endless possibilities available to us. It creates a safe space to be curious about what is holding us back, in order to move forward into a full, happy, prosperous life.

Holistic coaching takes the integrative approach of looking at the person as a whole; mind, body and spirit. With a loving but bold stand, Love Living coaching will hold your hand as you walk towards your most powerful and embodied self. If you are ready to do a little treasure hunting, to take the journey of a lifetime, a journey into yourself to find your true authentic self, your essence, we would be honored and thrilled to support you!  

Some areas where holistic life coaching may be of service are:

~ Job Transition

~ Relationships

~ Wellbeing and Body Image

~ Spirituality

~Goal Setting and Empowerment

~Financial Freedom and Abundance

OR all of the above! 

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Feminine Rising is a six month group coaching experience to empower and enliven brilliant women looking to ignite their own magic and create the life they long for. For 4-6 women who have had previous coaching, this is a powerful opportunity to manifest and bring to reality the big vision, the dream that has felt some what out of reach. Feminine Rising is for those women who have a longing, a deep desire for something more. Whether it is a career that fulfills your spirit, a love that ignites your heart, the wealth and financial abundance you have dreamed of, or a fully embodied, self possessed experience of your own body, this group is here to empower your deepest desire and bring it to fruition.


Testimonials: Take it from them...


"Ohhh Emily, where to begin? How many ways can I say you’ve changed my life. You helped me transform from a lost little puppy to a powerful woman who is aware of her power. You helped me find my voice— and not just find my voice but feel confident in it. What we did together was create a space that I didn’t know could exist… I didn’t know how to define it. Through coaching though, I was able to discover a part of myself that could speak from my heart— I could share and be open— and I could be a confident woman in her vulnerability. And, this vulnerability has been revolutionary.
On a daily basis I’ve been reminded of the power coaching gave me. Recently, as things have been darker than I’d like, I’ve tried to avoid self-judgement and my habits of self-judgement feel like that of a distant past. Then, there’s been your words that just seem to echo in my ear daily: what if it can be this easy? What if? Why not?
Coaching, although not always easy, was a life-changing beautiful experience. Through coaching I was given a place, and a space, to grow, to be, to learn, and to love. I was seen, and I realized I am seen. I learned that energetic magic is possible— that love, and self-love for the soul, are possible. Through coaching, I was able to make room for bright people and feel OK with saying goodbye to people who did not feel my soul. One of the most revolutionary parts about coaching was: I defined.
Through coaching, and through working with you Emily, I was able to define who I am… and my essence. A space was created that really had intention— it wasn’t just a mashup of circumstances. In this space I was able to really learn and know just how special I really am. To feel light. To see myself. To hear myself. To know I am a warrior queen who rivals Wonder Woman (hehe). To go beyond ‘I have a feeling’ to soul-knowing. And as I write this, and I think back to that wonderful, omg life changing year, and I think about the pain I’ve been in the last 24 hours, and I think ‘Corinna, you beautiful little bird, now is your time to fly— you know, the universe knows, your soul knows. Fly.’ And this would not have been possible without the magic you allowed for me. So from every ounce of my being, thank you— you allowed a light in my life, and a light that continues to burn bright."


"When I started this process of life coaching with Emily Perkins I was in a sad, insecure, shameful, dark place in my life. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was looking for something or someone to take me to new heights to shift my vision of myself and my life.  I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life and it was affecting me both mentally and physically. I had heard about life coaching through a friend and when I found Emily I knew in my soul that she would be the perfect person to guide me through the deep work that I so needed. Her energy is beautiful and healing.
Emily and I worked together for 4 months. It was difficult but profound work. I wasn't at all prepared for what surfaced but the enjoyable part of each session was how Emily  listened. There was never any judgement, opinions, right or wrong. She was compassionate, empathetic, and humorous and she approached the deep issues with kindness and positivity .With some of the deep issues that surfaced Emily would call them treasures. In her sweet way she would say " Let's go search for treasures." How could I say no to that? Who doesn't like going to search for treasures? I was then able to vocalize and purge some of my deepest fears and trauma. In processing these thoughts and feelings Emily allowed me to release them and to embrace them with love rather than sadness. She taught me to let go of being a victim.
With each session she brought new light and new perspective to my life. I slowly found my voice again and that voice wasn't one of sadness, guilt and shame anymore. It was beautiful. Emily taught me tools to shift my thinking and in doing so  I was able to feel the power within me and love myself again. I wasn't the victim of abuse and trauma anymore.
Though there is always more work to be done Emily brought me back to my true essence. The essence of Joanna Walsh . I learned that I AM ENOUGH. I am beautiful and kind and powerful. That fearful girl I once was is gone.
I am ready to go searching for more treasures.
Thank you Emily Perkins."


"Emily Perkins is cheerful, empathetic, and loving. She listens well. We did good work on identifying my essence and my survival mechanisms. She helped me identify those priorities in my life I needed to focus on. She challenged me when I was “doing" instead of “being". She was a wonderful support, at a time when I needed it most. I worked with Emily for an entire year and I looked forward to our sessions. She is a fantastic coach."


"Can you picture in your head, "being at the beach, and watching a bird taking flight on a perfect summers morning over the shimmering ocean?" - how light, graceful and beautiful that image is... Well, thats how I leave coaching sessions with Emily sometimes. :)!  Emily is a true Gem to work with- Her radiant energy inspires and provokes your own radiant energy to blossom, therefore making room to allow for one to peer through the beautiful and not so beautiful parts that inevitably need to be explored for true growth. She is a warrior of the light that knows how to hold space when a person needs it most, with patience and loving understanding. She's an excellent person to be with when you have an "A-HA!" moment, (which is every coaching session, Thankfully!) leading to a light-hearted laugh together and then gently, she holds that space once again for you to process your puzzle of life. Her form of support is really felt when the two of you talk. She makes coaching something to look forward to each week- not knowing where it will lead but knowing that exploring your trials and tribulations, it will be transformative. To listen, not just hear someone, is a conscious, mindful act of awareness that takes humble practice of one self, which is clear when engaging with Emily. Bottom line- working with her is fun, and heart-warming, and groovy and intelligent. She's a rockstar- goddess- woman of the light!"


"At the beginning of 2016 I had come to a point in my life where I knew I wanted “more” for myself,  but I wasn’t sure what that “more” was or how to begin to even get there.  I had a job that less than fulfilled me, an amazing husband and two wonderful children, but I was often left feeling drained and lacking motivation.  I was in a rut and I knew I wanted out. The desire to get out of this rut lead to Emily’s coaching services. I have known Emily as wonderful esthetician for years and when I saw that she offered coaching as well, I knew it would be the perfect fit. 

Since making the decision in May to start coaching with Emily my life has moved in the direction I have always hoped and much more quickly than I even thought possible!  Through listening, discussion and exercises to ensure my progress I have been able to “let go” of those things that were preventing me from moving forward.  For the first time in a while I am excited about the potential of my future. I've discovered a new career opportunity that fulfills my need for "more" and found a greater appreciation for the time I spend with my family.  Emily has truly given me the tools to understand my potential and achieve it!"


"Being less than one year into a new career change, I felt "stuck". I was questioning if I had made the right career choice and was dealing with a close family member with a terminal cancer diagnosis. After trying my best to move forward, I realized that I needed help to become "unstuck". Emily was exceptional in getting a grasp of exactly what my concerns were. She is an excellent listener who was not only focused on what I was saying but also on the underlying feelings that I might not be verbalizing. She also asked the "right" questions, some of which pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to see a new perspective. We went through a series of exercises and goal setting to ensure progress. I have moved through this transition thanks to Emily. She is genuinely concerned and fosters a very supported environment with open communication. We covered a lot of ground during our sessions and I continue to use the resources that Emily has provided. I know if I ever get "stuck" in the future, I will not hesitate to give Emily a call."