Holistic Customized Facial: $100

Using primarily the natural, local, herbal skincare line Farmaesthetics, every customized facial includes an arm and hand, shoulder and neck message, calf and foot rub, scalp massage and acupressure. Said to be "the best facial in town" this treatment will leave your skin healthy and glowing and your mind calm and peaceful. 


Ormedic Organic Glow Peel: $100

Organic passion fruit and powerful peptides exfoliate, brighten and balance the skin with this light peel suitable for all skin types. Mango and pineapple revitalize and stimulate the skin while peptides infuse the skin with maximum hydration.


Glycolic/Retinol Wrinkle Lift Peel: $100

Both glycolic acid and retinol are proven powerful ingredients in the fight against signs of aging. This peel helps to increase collagen production, combat pigmentation, smooth the texture of the skin, and is also a very effective means of treating acne conditions. It leaves the skin feeling taught and youthfull. For mature, nonsensitive skin types.


Salicylic/Lactic/Retinol Resurfacing Peel $100

A deeper peel best for mature, non-sensitive skin, this peel combines a perfect blend of exfoliating agents with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant derived stem cells. Specifically designed to treat advanced pigmentation, acne and signs of aging. About 2-3 days after the treatment, you should expect shedding.   

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Vitamin C/Enzyme Revitalizing Peel: $100

This peel is wonderful for sensitive, rosacea skin. It contains three forms of powerful antioxidants, polypeptides, hyaluronic acid, fruit enzymes and vitamin c. It smooths the texture of the skin, while also hydating, tightening and brightening



Microdermabrasion $125

Microdermabrasion uses aluminum oxide crystals and a vacuum system to abrade the surface of the skin, helping to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation, fine lines and acne scars as well as increase the cell turn over rate. This is a highly effective treatment that is safe for most skin types and requires no down time.